New Choice New Future

No matter product functions, industrial protection, standby time, work efficiency, display effects, P9 will bring whole new experience to the user.

Running efficiency increased by 30 times, excellence performance With whole new ARM platform and TI architecture, 1GHz main frequency, 512M DDR3 running memory, on-board 4G, new bottom driver optimization, P9 operating efficiency has a comprehensive leap based on the last generation.


3.7 inches Blanview second generation display, resolution 480*640,transflective monitor, clearly visible under strong light and display normally at high and low temperature, no display abnormal situation.

OTG USB interface

Mini waterproof OTG USB interface is the abbreviation of On-The-Go USB, which is mainly used for the connection between a variety of different devices or mobile devices and the data exchange.

The eighth generation Ublox

Acquisition type P9 embed Ublox eighth generation GNSS module, support for the Beidou /GPS, single frequency B1/L1.

Physical specifications

OS                                  Windows Mobile 6.5

Processor                       AM335X 1GHz

RAM                               512MB DDR3

ROM                              4GB Onboard flash memory(32G optional)

Display                           3.7 inch Blanview TFT transflective monitor,480×640VGA resolution

Battery                           7.2V/3400mAH,single can work 10 hours

Camera(Optional)     500 pixel camera, auto focus, VGA resolution video capture(optional)

Bluetooth                      Version 2.1+EDR

USB                               Mini USB,pass the USB-IF certification, support OTG connecting to external mobile                                              flash memory

Wi-Fi                             802.11b/g wireless WLAN

Network(Optional)   3.5GCommunication module, support WCDMA,CDMA2000 (optional)

Led light                       power, satellite signal, wireless communication

RFID                              13.56MHz(optional)

Working environment

Shelter                          IP65

Temperature                Operate:-30℃- +60℃,Storage: -30℃- +70℃             

Humidity                       98% no condensation, MIL-STD-810G measure 507.6

Drop                             1.2m 4 sides@normal temperature,-20℃MIL-STD-810G measure 514.5



Satellites                       Beidou+GPS/GLONASS

Channel                        32 channel parallel tracking

Accuracy                       GPS(2~3m)

Initial positioning time 25s

Data Output                 NMEA-0183

Real-time correct         RTCM2x,3.0、3.1、3.2、CMR、CMR+RTCA

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