Event 38 builds drones, sensors and post-processing software for creating high resolution, low cost maps on demand. We serve customers in surveying, agriculture, aggregates and research. With our diverse experience and product line, we can recommend the appropriate equipment to meet your requirements and budget. Our support engineers will be able to assist you with every step from setting up and flying a drone to integrating the data into your existing workflow.Our drones are deployed in dozens of countries around the globe. They are flight tested from humid jungles to freezing tundras and high mountain passes. See why these world class organizations trust us to deliver and support the best mapping drones in the world.

Mapping and Surveying drone

Choosing a Drone

A drone needs to work reliably in your environment in order to provide useful data. The biggest choice to make around a drone is whether to pick a fixed wing or multirotor aircraft. Fixed wing aircraft fly longer and cover more area, into tens of thousands of acres per work day with the E384-Heavy. As a result they tend to be larger and to require more space for launch and recovery. The E386 uses a parachute to allow for safe recovery in confined areas or on very rough terrain. Multirotors can work in extremely confined areas but typically only cover up to about 100 acres per flight and carry a limited payload.

Weather conditions can significantly affect the operations of small unmanned aircraft. Strong prevailing wind or wind gusts can reduce performance or the quality of collected imagery. Just as with manned aircraft, high altitude, heat and humidity affect performance and efficiency. Plan for longer ascents and shorter flights when flying in these conditions.


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