The North SmaRTK is a fully integrated receiver system designed for faster performance, on a simplified OS environment, with military-grade hardware and industrial-grade components.


Includes the advanced North Stealth multi-constellation double-frequency receiver with 444 channels.
Introduces the North's exclusive Auto-Caster system, to send correction from a Base to any number or Rovers by P2P Mobile Network, as your portable CORS station, with longer baselines and stronger data-link reliability. 

The on-board SmartOS operative system has free lifetime upgrades, adding and improving features and can be customized for your project.
Integrated an exclusive audible verticality alarm so the user can keep the eyes on the controller software and also export accelerometer data for machine control.

Unique design with OLED graphical display, readable under the sun and Stainless Steel industrial push-button, for superior control on the field and hardware performance

  • Space-grade Four-Element GNSS antenna with superior multipath rejection.

  • Improved tracking of GNSS satellite signals supporting GLONASS, GPS, COMPASS, GALILEO signals and SBAS corrections.

  • Simple to customize design allows the receiver to be fitted or updated exactly to your requirements and budget.

  • Internal transmitting 2W radio and 45W broadcasting power out of the box, also compatible with 3rd party brands of UHF Radio-modems

  • Specific design for demanding RTK applications such as Forest, Urban Canyons, Creeks, etc.

  • Multi-task: RTK, PPK, and network Rover or Base made simple, no external software is needed for setup.

  • Compatible: Its GPRS and UHF data links, work seamlessly with any major brand of RTK and CORS station.

  • Rugged and waterproofed IP68 enclosure with internal double battery for longer working time and internal charger to plug it to any 12VDC power source.

  • The SmaRTK Receiver integrates the advanced North Stealth receiver for fast RTK solution and clear position, fit for the most challenging conditions and with capabilities that easily outperforms most receivers of the same category.

  • With the North SMARTK, you get the best reception available today, with most satellites in view to maximize the your field time. Our premium on-board position calculation delivers a new standard on the surveying field, compensating interrupted GNSS signals permitting to keep going faster after a reception break.

Designed for Maximum Productivity

Using the transparent communication protocol minimizes the data information while optimizing the communication link to get full advantage of the system. The North SmaRTK GNSS receives the wider range of satellite signals: such as GPS L1/L2 and L5 and GLONASS G1/G2 signals plus the newly available COMPASS B1/B2 system and GALILEO, well in advance to its full operation.

The hardware has been design with the rugged field use in mind, with details such as the newest OLED display technology, to have the brighter outside information system available at the moment, with lower power consumption, and with graphical capabilities, so you have every function configurable right on the receiver, on the field and without any guess-work. We can ensure you this is the simplest to operate GNSS Receiver available and ready to work with the tools that you already know.

The enclosure is made of engineering ABS and Policarbonate polymers and Silicone rubbers, plus custom designed metal co-moulded insertions, all fit for superior element-proofing and strong enough for hits and shakes, so it can be taken on a pole, mounted on fast vehicles or used for machine control with perfect balance.

The Most Complete Receiver Available

Adaptable System Design

The North SmarRTK GNSS receiver integrates the most complete features into a single system for a wide range of surveying, mapping and positioning applications, activating only the systems and functions that are required for a certain application, so the investment is adjusted but is always ready to grow with you.


When needed, it integrates a built-in UHF radio modem with options for internal 2 Watt TX and powerful 45W external UHF data link for the most demanding job sites Also can be operated in combination with 3rd party Radio-modems with full compatibility.

Our SmartOS Operating System is full of options, to control internally and graphically any settings, including the radio channels, operation mode, display intensity, battery life, real time position, verticality calibration, and much more; but it's prepared as well to grow and to add custom applications for special projects that require a tailored system.

With the internal mobile modem, the receiver can connect as a Rover directly to any CORS Base Station, networking server or work as well as a fully internet operated Base with the exclusive Auto-Caster system

The SMARTK operates naively with open protocols, such as NMEA, RTCM and Transparent, but is compatible with proprietary protocols such as CRM+ to be able to work in combination with the hardware that is already on a job site, so its a truly open and flexible system, that can be controlled with North software such as the RTK Surveyor, GIS Surveyor, Depth Surveyor, but can also work with others, including Carlson SurvCE, TopView and Microsurvey FieldGenius, and many more that support the NMEA GPS format.

North is directed by surveying professionals, and we are aware that surveyors, as anyone that needs positioning equipment, requires hassle-free and turnkey packages to get the work done fast!. Because of this, we provide with all-inclusive systems and a selection of control software and field computers so you are the one in control of what you acquire. If you have an special need, we are always available to help you directly.

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