The RTKite GNSS RTK receiver is a one of its kind module that gives the power and accuracy of a full double frequency satellite positioning system on a single module that is simple to integrate into any kind of solution or device.

The RTKite includes the powerful North Stealth GNSS L1+L2 RTK module that along with its powerful processor and communication platform can work, out of the box, as an RTK Base or Rover with millimetric accuracy, or DGPS logging receiver for post processing RINEX, or simply as a standalone receiver for high accuracy navigation with precision using SBAS signals like EGNOS or WAAS.

Flexible, Modular and Easy to Use

North knows how difficult is to integrate an RTK GNSS receiver from scratch, and upon request from several developers and in collaboration with the European Space Agency, we worked alongside the teams of professional and home brewed UAV and industrial solutions to have the perfect open platform to obtain millimetric GPS, GLONAS, COMPASS and GALILEO positioning with minimal effort and with zero R+D. The North RTKite does everything for you, so you can focus on your work while leaving the positioning complexities to us. Also, you have lifetime support and customization if your solution demands it.

Made for Pro Integrators and Hobbyist in Mind

Highest Accuracy and Maximum Speed

The integrated North Stealth receiver is capable of delivering millimetric precision with 10Hz at real time, that is up to most task, and if needed it can be set to log trigger with an optimized speed equivalent to 1000Hz, so it can record the 3D spatial position with pin point resolution.

Every option you could need is already there

The RTKite has the same components, processor and functions as the bigger North SmaRTK receiver but on a minimal footprint that is perfect to integrate into industrial units, machinery and UAVs, due to its light weight.

The module connects easily to any hardware or computer with an array of communication ports, including:

- Bluetooth Wireless.

- RS232 Serial Port

- TTL microprocessor Port.

- Trigger inputs (for geotagging camera or sensor events)

- Push button or electronic switch.

- Internal logging into MicroSD card.

- Integrated GPRS/GSM/3G/4G mobile modem (cellular)

- Support for modular UHF radiomodem.

- Able to receive or transmit corrections by mobile network or UHF radiomodems.

- Easy connection to any kind of CORS GNSS RTK Reference Stations (Public or Proprietary).

- Can work as a CORS station through the Auto-Caster system.

The data output and logging can handle all the data formats that are already available on the SmaRTK including: RTCM 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0 and 3.1, CRM, CRM+ input and output, RINEX and Novatel 23 formats of NMEA Extended, including GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, PPP, MARK-IN, etc.

Simplified Operation

The RTKite receiver was designed without display for maximum battery life and minimal weight, but its complete fuctions are easily accessed and set with any Android, Windows or Linux device with our free software, either wirelessly by bluetooth or through cable link. All the commands can also be programmed onto your own Project as basic text string lines.

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