With 1W/915Mhz Radio (Eagle)

BX306 Kit consists of BX306 Basic and 2W Radio Option. BX306 GNSS receiver is a cost-efficient GNSS RTK receiver for cm-level positioning and providing accurate raw measurement output, which can be integrated with autopilots and inertial navigation units. 

Eagle Radio option is used for transmitting and receiving correction data at 915MHz. It has high transmitting power to provide wide communication range. With AX3703 mini GNSS antenna for Rover, the overall light weight is ideal for UAV applications.


  • Supports GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, and BeiDou B1/B2

  • Supports 384 channels

  • Supports in-built 4GB memory, which makes data collection easy

  • Up to 20Hz RTK solution and raw data output

  • Pin-to-pin compatible with NovAtel OEM615

  • Log/command compatible with NovAtel protocol

  • Supports event mark and PPS



Signal Tracking                     

Single Antenna                      GPS L1/L2

                                               GLONASS L1/L2

                                               BeiDou B1/B2

GNSS Channels                      384


Single Point Positioning Accuracy (RMS)

    -Horizontal                          1.5m

    -Vertical                               3.0m

RTK Positioning Accuracy (RMS)

    -Horizontal                          10mm+1ppm

    -Vertical                               15mm+1ppm



C/A Code (zenith direction)            10cm

P Code (zenith direction)                10cm

Carrier Phase (zenith direction)       1mm



Time to First Fix

       Cold Start                         <50s

       Warm Start                        <30s

Timing Accuracy (RMS)            20ns

Velocity Accuracy (RMS)          0.03m/s

Initialization (typical)               <10s

Initialization Reliability            <99.9%



Physical & Electrical          


Size                                                       46 x 71 x 12mm

Weight                                                 23g

Input Voltage                                       3.3V DC
Power Consumption(typical)              2.8 W

Active Antenna Input Impedance      50Ω

Antenna Connector                             MMCX female x1

Pin-to-Pin Compatible                         NovAtel 615

COM Baud Rate                                   Up to 921600 bps                              

Operating Temperature                      -40℃ ~ +85℃



Storage                                                  In-built 4gb memory

Correction                                             RTCM 2.x/3.x/CMR/CMR+

Output                                                  NMEA-0183; Tersus Binary Format

Max. Update Rate                                20Hz

Log & Command Compatible             NovAtel Protocol


Serial Ports                                             LVTTL x2

USB Ports                                               USB device x1

CAN Ports                                              ISO/DIS 11898 x2 *

PPS Ports                                                LVTTL x1

Event Mark                                             LVTTL x2 *

Remarks:                                                 * This port's function is related to                                                                         firmware version. 

In the Box

BX306 GNSS UAV Kit includes

  • 2 x BX306 RTK receiver

  • 2 x 20pin external cable

  • 1 x AX3702 GNSS antenna

  • 1 x AX3703 Mini GNSS aantenna

  • 2 x 915MHz radio (Eagle) + 915 MHz antenna

  • 1 x carrying case

  • 2 x 2pin power cable

  • 2 x UART to USB converter

  • 1 x TNC-J to SMA cable 3m (GNSS antenna cable)

  • 1 x SMA cable for AX3703

  • 2 x power & data cable for 915MHz radio (Eagle)

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